Classes for...

... KIDS

  • K-12 one-hour class [Basics of drawing characters or animals.]
  • K-12 two-hour class [Basics of drawing characters and/or animals in a situation.]
  • Scout Groups [Helps children earn their art badge.]
  • Youth Groups
  • Birthday parties

... Classrooms

Dick Evans is an asset for any teacher of K-5, middle school, and high school students. His warm personality and relaxed teaching style are well-received by kids of all ages.

Utilize his expertise to keep your classroom busy while you are on vacation or need to attend training. Dick will accommodate your needs and design a cartooning class based on the age of the students and the length of time available.


That is correct. Dick teaches cartooning to adults, too!

For many years he has instructed drawing classes at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse, City, Michigan. Typically, these classes are three-hour sessions that allow for in-depth training.

It is awesome to see what flows from an adult's pencil, said Dick.

Have pen. Will Travel.


No matter where your school or organization is located in the United States and Canada, Dick Evans will pack up his art supplies and bring his drawing class to you.

Utilize his talents for working with children and adults of all ages. Your community will thank you.

You are never too...

... OLD to Learn

Dick is also available for business conferences and seminars.

His cartooning is a great warm-up to encourage fellow attendees to meet each other. If you need adults to relax and learn how to express themselves, cartooning is the answer. Make arrangements for Dick Evans to visit your club or organization.

Enhance self-esteem

By utilizing his FUNdamental cartoon books, Dick gets the participation of all students in each session.

Although it is a group activity, individual perspective is encouraged and praised. Every student has a unique outlook on life and his or her own drawing style.

Dick celebrates the differences rather than attempting to influence how each student draws.

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